Phobias was noted on this site alphabetically by the scientific or medical term

Phobias was noted on this site alphabetically by the scientific or medical term

Agraphobia– Anxiety about sexual discipline

If you are searching to own a particular concern (anxiety about spiders, concern with dogs, etc), go to the listing of phobias of the classification

Postings underlined may indicate almost every other more severe anxiety conditions for example OCD. Specific fears also can imply self confidence activities, PTSD otherwise different discipline. Please see “From the Fears” for more information

Ablutophobia– Anxiety about laundry or baths. Acarophobia– Concern about itching otherwise of bugs that can cause irritation. Achluophobia– Concern with dark. Acousticophobia– Fear of noises. Acrophobia– Fear of levels. Aeroacrophobia– Anxiety about open high locations. Agateophobia– Concern about insanity. Agliophobia– Concern about soreness. Agoraphobia– Anxiety about discover places otherwise to be from inside the congested, public venues instance locations. Agrizoophobia– Fear of wildlife. Agyrophobia– Anxiety about roadways or crossing the road. Aichmophobia– Concern about needles otherwise indicated stuff. Ailurophobia– Concern with kitties. Albuminurophobia– Anxiety about kidney situation. Alektorophobia– Concern about chickens. Algophobia– Concern about soreness. Alliumphobia– Concern with garlic. getiton promo code Allodoxaphobia– Anxiety about views. Altophobia– Anxiety about levels. Amathophobia– Concern with dirt. Amaxophobia– Fear of operating in a car. Ambulophobia– Concern about taking walks. Amnesiphobia– Concern about amnesia. Amychophobia– Concern about scratches or becoming scratched. Anablephobia– Fear of finding out about. Androphobia– Fear of boys. Angrophobia – Concern about anger or of becoming frustrated. Anthropophobia– Concern about anybody otherwise people. Antlophobia– Fear of floods. Anuptaphobia– Fear of becoming solitary. Aphenphosmphobia– Concern about getting moved. Apiphobia– Concern with bees. Apotemnophobia– Fear of persons which have amputations. Arachibutyrophobia– Concern about peanut butter sticking with the roof of the lips. Arachnephobia or Arachnophobia– Anxiety about bots. Arithmophobia– Concern about numbers. Arrhenphobia– Concern with people. Arsonphobia– Concern about fire. Asthenophobia– Fear of passing out or tiredness. Astraphobia otherwise Astrapophobia– Fear of thunder and you may lightning. Asymmetriphobia– Fear of asymmetrical things. Ataxophobia– Concern with illness or untidiness. Atelophobia- Fear of imperfection. Athazagoraphobia– Concern with becoming forgotton otherwise forgotten otherwise forgetting. Atomosophobia– Concern with nuclear explosions. Atychiphobia– Fear of inability. Autodysomophobia– Concern with one that enjoys a beneficial vile smell. Automatonophobia– Fear of ventriloquist’s dummies, animatronic creatures, wax statues Automysophobia– Fear of getting filthy. Autophobia– Fear of getting by yourself otherwise out of your self. Aviophobia otherwise Aviatophobia– Concern with flying.

Bacillophobia- Concern about microbes. Bacteriophobia– Fear of bacterium. Bathophobia- Concern with breadth. Batophobia– Fear of levels or being near to highest property. Batrachophobia– Fear of amphibians, such as for instance frogs, newts, salamanders, an such like. Belonephobia– Anxiety about pins and you may needles Bibliophobia– Concern with courses. Blennophobia– Fear of slime. Bogyphobia– Concern with bogeys or the bogeyman. Botanophobia– Fear of flowers. Bromidrosiphobia otherwise Bromidrophobia– Concern with human anatomy odors. Brontophobia– Anxiety about thunder and you may super. Bufonophobia– Fear of toads.

Contreltophobia– Concern with sexual abuse

Carpophobia – anxiety about wrists Cardiophobia– Anxiety about one’s heart. Carnophobia– Concern about meat. Catagelophobia– Concern with becoming ridiculed . Catoptrophobia– Fear of decorative mirrors. Cenophobia otherwise Centophobia– Fear of something new otherwise information. Ceraunophobia – Anxiety about thunder and you will super. Chaetophobia– Concern with locks. Chemophobia– Concern about chemical substances or coping with chemical. Chiraptophobia– Anxiety about being moved. Chirophobia– Concern with give. Chiroptophobia– Concern about bats. Chorophobia– Fear of moving.

Chronophobia– Anxiety about future Claustrophobia- Anxiety about confined areas. Cleithrophobia otherwise Cleisiophobia– Concern about are closed when you look at the an enclosed set. Cleptophobia– Concern with stealing. Climacophobia– Anxiety about steps, climbing, otherwise away from dropping downstairs.. Coimetrophobia– Concern with cemeteries.. Coprastasophobia– Concern with constipation. Coprophobia– Concern with feces. Coulrophobia– Anxiety about clowns. Cyberphobia– Concern with servers or doing a pc.. Cynophobia– Fear of dogs or rabies. Cypridophobia or Cypriphobia – Concern about prostitutes otherwise venereal disease.

Decidophobia– Concern about decision-making. Defecaloesiophobia– Concern with bland bowels movements. Deipnophobia– Concern with restaurants or eating talks. Dementophobia– Fear of madness. Demonophobia or Daemonophobia– Anxiety about demons. Demophobia– Fear of crowds. Dentophobia– Concern about dentists.. Dermatosiophobia otherwise Dermatophobia otherwise Dermatopathophobia– Fear of disease of the skin.. Diabetophobia– Concern about all forms of diabetes. Didaskaleinophobia– Concern about browsing university. Dikephobia– Concern with fairness.. Dipsophobia– Concern with consuming. Dishabiliophobia– Concern with undressing facing anybody. Disposophobia– Anxiety about throwing content aside. Hoarding. Doraphobia– Fear of fur otherwise skins away from dogs. Doxophobia– Fear of saying feedback otherwise from receiving praise. Dysmorphophobia– Concern with deformity. Dystychiphobia– Concern about accidents.

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