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Experience Orissa

Experience Orissa was founded in Month of May 2013

Only a short 15 Minutes drive away from the big city’s noise and fuzz, within beautiful green trees, lies a wonderful place that is Experience Orissa – ready for your visit.

At this organic farm no pesticides or chemicals are used on the crops, ensuring that you will be awaited by a safe, clean and fresh rural environment.

Once at the farm you will get to take part in everyday farming tasks, experience the local way of life and enjoy a meal freshly cooked from the farm’s own vegetables.

This visit, an experience, will be truly unique and unforgettable.

why should visit farms ?


Experience Orissa provides you a comfortable and clean accommodation that matches hotel standards with its modern facilities.

You will be met with genuine Punjabi hospitality and healthy, delicious organic home-cooked food, farm activities and it also help to make good relation with the families from the villages and their experience to live life is peace and simple way.


Have fun!

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